Lisa Moore

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    • Studies:Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
    • University:IBM

    spk1-150x150Senior Manager, works for IBM where she manages the globalization of IBM’s Information Management (IM) products. Her organization leads the globalization and translation efforts at the Silicon Valley Lab (SVL) in San Jose, California, and she manages the adoption of new globalization features for the IM portfolio of products.

    In the IT industry, Lisa has contributed actively to the ongoing development of the Unicode Standard since 1993. She was co-author of the Unicode Standard, Versions 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. She was appointed a Vice President of the Unicode Consortium in 1996 and has been chair of the Unicode Technical Committee, and vice-chair of the INCITS L2 Committee (US National Standards Body Character Encoding Committee) since May,1999, in which capacity she manages the technical agenda of the Unicode Standard decision-making body. She chaired or co-chaired International Unicode Conferences from 1995 through 2005, running the conference program committee. She was a keynote speaker at LRC XI in 2006, an invited panelist on localization and standards at GK3 2007, the keynote speaker at the International Telugu Internet Conference 2011, on the program committee of the Conference on Human Language Technology for Development 2011 (HLTD2011), and is on the editorial board of Localization Focus. In February, 2012 she became Chief Financial Officer of the Consortium.

    Lisa has received awards in recognition of her Unicode and globalization contributions from IBM and INCITS

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